Ruhr area, Germany

The Homewreckers are named after a track by Southern Soul legend Sam Dees. Since a few years now, the production collective from Germany is moving and breaking new ground between Detroit techno, abstract funk, rhythm´n blues and melancholic disco music.

They first came together in 1995 and began recording for Chicago DJ and producer Felix Da Housecat’s Thee Blak Label (under the name of Broccoli Brothers vs. The Righteous Men). They contributed production work and remixes for singer Harrison Crump (on Radikal Fear) and rapper J. Rawls from Columbus/Ohio (on Groove Attack Productions). After some highly acclaimed 12”s, the Homewreckers debut album, American Ruhr, was released on Unique Records in 2008 starring Dennis Legree and Kemo on vocals (liner notes by writer, theorist and film-maker Kodwo Eshun; art work by NY artist Cory Arcangel).

In 2009, the Homewreckers signed to Paris underground record label Circus Company and appeared on the famous Snuggle & Slap Compilation. 2010 they released the Not My Business EP including a remix from San Francisco artist Dave Aju. 

A new album is due to come out in 2012.

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