Los Angeles, United States

After releasing their debut LP Kick Drunk Love for Marcel Vogel’s aptly-titled Intimate Friends label to salivating souls a leap-year ago, we find the elusive KAMM returning to the musical fore with a sonically staggering follow-up album Cookie Policies on Circus Company imprint.

While their individual solo artist names: Dave Aju, Alland Byallo, Kenneth Scott and Marc Smith aka Locksmith already hold plenty of their own weight in the ears of lovers of all things designed for dance floors yet off-to-the-left, just like their beloved former home and initial meeting point of San Francisco, it’s when the four Voltron into KAMM (perhaps the Kinetic Abyss of the Micro Macro, Kill All Mediocre Music, or Kindly Ask My Mother, depending on whom you ask), that the Berlin-transplant-replant quartet push their musical abilities to the limits and allow ample room for instrumentally-trained roots and fierce experimentation, along with a refreshing disregard for the commonplace categories and predictability of contemporary electronic music styles.

Although the band members are physically spread out over different hemispheres on a day-to-day, their latest work on Cookie Policies serves as a brilliant reminder of all that can be possible when isolated artist ego guard is lowered and true collective expression sends sounds out to the stratosphere and back, whether while thematically addressing heartbreak, or during one of their notorious tuned-in locked-out recording sessions. 

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