Berlin-based polymath Kenneth Scott has been at the vanguard of personalized electronic dance music for over a decade. Whether showing synth-programming prowess as a vital force in group outfits such as KAMM and the dynamic-duo Moniker, or rolling solo with a variety of fresh releases and live performances well under his belt, Scott’s music offers exciting alternative takes on the status quo of purist dance genres.

Growing up in the hippie enclave of Fairfield Iowa, known best for its collective transcendental meditation practice and iconoclastic filmmakers, Kenneth found 90’s rave culture and its ever-alluring soundtrack as his generational ticket. Soon enough, said ticket led him to the western shores of San Francisco, where his own subversive rule-breaking takes on music, art, and life in general were welcomed with open-arms. In the bosom of the City by the Bay, these formative DJ training years turned to more sincere efforts and relationships, which finally saw him expand his sound internationally, eventually settling in his now hometown of Berlin, Germany where Scott’s multi-disciplinary range has fully flourished.

Whether behind the DJ booth or live PA setup charismatically rocking the floor, or deep-diving in the music studio or even more frequently, behind the photography lens looking for the perfect shot if not beat, the work of Kenneth Scott is as unique as his upbringing and personal travels, offering a refreshing melange of multi-regional stylistic influences, intelligence, and charm.

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