Stuttgart, Germany

It was 1991 when Michel Baumann aka Soulphiction got interested into four-to-the-floor Dance music after being a straight up HipHop DJ from the mid 80s.

Since that time, he has grown a huge international reputation as a unique but also versatile producer, DJ and live act, not limited to only one style.

Whether it´s straight to the floor tracks as Jackmate or the deeper vibes of SoulPhiction, he always got that funk that makes it a little different.

With Philpot Records he also runs one of the most respected house-labels of today, encouraging and supporting new talents hand in hand with the bigger names.

Productions since 1996 on labels like (excerpt): Pampa records, Perlon, Circus Company, Playhouse, Mosaic, Musik Krause, Freude am Tanzen, SonarKollektiv, PokerFlat, MorrisAudio, among others.

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