CCS076 artwork

Artwork : The Swift
Released on : 13.05.2013
Format : 12'' + Digital

“Everyone wants the Aquarius to do business.”

So says Brian Brewster on his latest record, and he’s not wrong. It has been a long time since the “7 Days” EP back in 2011, and finally the collaboration with dOP’s resident beatsmiths Damien and Clement is reignited, sending Brian’s gravelly vocals in a myriad of directions that make for one of the most ambitious singles we have ever shared with you, dear listeners, here at Circus Company.

As if there was not already enough madcap talent in this project, “Slow Love” welcomes the legendary princess of electro, Miss Kittin, to inject her icy, new-wave vocals into a brooding, sensual repartee with Brian over the simmering, late-night stomp of the 4/4 beat.

While “Slow Love” might share a familiarity with the nocturnal world Circus Company occupies, “Up & Down” instantly heads for uncharted territory with an atmospheric backdrop of synthesised orchestrations for Brian’s introspective lyrics to meander over. “Early Brid” is similarly surprising, creating a skipping drum machine groove and mixing it with cosmic arpeggios and funk guitar licks, while “Caloni” captures the low-riding energy of trap in its crisp, linear groove.

What is most important with this EP is that the music is produced as a vessel for Brian’s vocals, seeing dOP return to their hip hop production roots and giving Brian a chance to truly show off his skills as a poet, a singer, a rapper, and most importantly a performer. At times painfully raw, at others wonderfully mischevious, this is the record to confirm Aquarius Heaven as a project that transcends the formulas of electronic music to become something that reaches beyond the dancefloor.

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