CCS106 artwork

Artwork : République Paris
Mastering : Hans @ Deinklang
Released on : 23.06.2017
Format : 12'' + Digital

Following Dani Siciliano’s welcome return to the spotlight with her self-titled LP, Circus Company is proud to present a collection of remixes from artists close to the label and Dani herself, framing her intimate songs in a new, dancefloor-ready context.

David Okumu is best known as the frontman for The Invisible, but when he’s not leading the band he can be found lending his vocal, instrumental and production talents to a host of projects. Here he lends a deft touch to the album’s closer “Sincerely”, with a sound that combines modern electronica production with emotive synth lines and a light touch of ‘80s funk.

Sturm & Drang is a new studio venture from dOP’s own Damien Vandesande and Fabien Leseure, specially formed for this remix of “Gone Are Those Days”. Working around a tight house groove, the duo lay down warm analogue synth tones underneath Dani’s vocals and build up a sizzling club track that maintains the spirit of the original.

British outfit Party Nails, affiliated to The 2 Bears and God Colony amongst other projects, take to “Dragons” with a sense of urgency that turns the track into a taut, peak time workout loaded with tension. Dani’s impassioned delivery sits atop the insistent drums and weighty bass as a foil to the hard edges of the production, making for an emotive result that harkens back to house classics.

Circus Company’s prolific soul maverick Dave Aju steps up to round the record out with a typically flamboyant version of “Gone Are Those Days” that reflects his own exploration of tougher machine-powered rhythms of late. There’s a primal techno spirit in the component parts of his version as it unfurls, with the organic lilt of Dani’s singing playing counterpoint in the midst of the maelstrom. Being a Dave Aju production, it packs just as much unconventional flair into the mix as it does party functionality.

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