CCS050 artwork

Artwork : Myqua
Released on : 11.10.2010
Format : 12'' + Digital

The first single from DOP’s rollicking Greatest Hits album is your personal teleportation device into their unique musical universe located in a parallel dimension somewhere between the disco and the drunk tank. Rife with the trials and tribulations of being one the world’s most beloved live acts, opener Suitcases proposes the perverse marriage of a funkier-than-thou space disco backbeat to a Louis Armstrong-esque bar room blues vocal and prove it to be a match made in heaven… or at the very least an incredibly posh bordello just outside the holy gates.

Deaf Wagrant showcases the trio at their most carefree, opening like some geriatric piano bar crooner’s last song before morphing into a demonic road side carnival soundtrack at the 2 minute mark. Not to be out done, the world renowned remixers provide 2 wildly different takes on the Suitcases dubs, the one and only Herbert cranking up the raw funk meter to 11, and Seuil sanding off all the rough edges to create a lovely slice of crystalline dub house, making this a collection not to be missed.

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