CCS109 artwork

Artwork : République Paris
Mastering : Tim Xavier @ Manmade Mastering
Released on : 28.09.2018
Format : 12'' + Digital

This is a long overdue collaboration and we couldn’t be more excited to present a brand new EP from our man, Jena’s mad scientist funk freak himself, Metaboman. A stalwart veteran of the legendary Musik Krause camp, which has been a kindred spiritual sister label of sorts of ours since the millennium-turn heydays, being fellow purveyors of bold and raw dance floor music, still brimming with new ideas galore and bucket loads of soul.

Here with the Wireless Dancer EP we have Metaboman in top form offering nothing less than his finest work: “Doppeldenk” starts things off with some classic Krause bump that brings to mind the heights of the Duo at their peak but updated, like an STL banger turned up to 11 with sinewy melodic lines and that special Thuringen twist. “Hanno” follows up with a guest spot by jazz saxophone master Thomas Prestin, and guarantees to bring down the house with a storm of swinging stabs, rough riffs, and fresh-as-it-gets drum work.

On the flip, “Splitit” does exactly that, whether referring to wigs, legs, or that last drink ticket – where dusty blues vox chops and a rolling percussive smack down will revive any fading floor faces.

And finally, “EchterG” rounds it all out nicely with the illest of atonal trips and subsonic bass tones that the finer sound systems out there will fully indulge. Much love from Jena & Paris to the World!