CCS082 Artwork

Artwork : Léo Butler
Mastering : Mathieu Berthet
Released on : 21.10.2013
Format : 12'' + Digital

“C.A.V.O.K,” calls out our beloved Oleg Poliakov on his first release for us for 2013. It’s a good sign, that the skies are clear and we can carry forth on our musical mission unhindered by the weather. With an album looming on the horizon from our in-house weatherman, this EP sets us on a course across open plains towards that landmark, propelled by an infectious energy that marks a progression even for a producer as accomplished as Oleg.

The title track wastes no time in kicking into action on a hook of a groove that slams like techno while it soars like house. The rhythmic elements whip up a driving frenzy of snapping hi hats, rattling congas and off-beat snare funks, but these urgent intonations are off-set by the lilting bed of pads, subtle bass throbs, and occasional flocks of keys that come fluttering by. This canny mixture of emotions gives the impression of flying over a vast open space, the landscape underneath rushing by whilst illuminated by the overpowering gaze of the sun.

Maintaining the rush of the A side, on “Subterranean Rivers” Oleg sets sail on a funky, uptempo thrust of kick and hat, while the synths come into earshot in dreamlike waves, loaded with mystery that will never be fully revealed. Although the groove may pack more swing and shuffle compared to “CAVOK”, the effect is much the same, commanding a meditative state of introspection like the best, most captivating techno should.

If this is a sign of things to come, let the journey towards Oleg’s album continue unabated and let no shred of weather stand in our way.

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