Berlin, Barcelona

dOP have been on a journey that has travelled from sweat-drenched saloons to the most prestigious of establishments since they first hit the road back in 2007. From their roots in the Parisian hip hop scene, the world of unconventional house and techno beckoned in a whirlwind of releases on labels such as Eklo, Supplement Facts and Watergate while their debut album Greatest Hits surfaced on Circus Company in 2010.

Now they welcome a new artist to the group, with Fabien Leseure joining JAW and Damien as they move to a new studio space in Berlin. This fresh era for the group will also see them launching their own label, dOP Only, exclusively focused on their own music, with a minimum of a new track being released every month. Alongside the releases, dOP’s global reputation is undoubtedly linked to their live performances.

Now they continue to develop their craft, incorporating more analogue equipment into their live performances, which in turn feeds back into their studio work. In honour of 11 years since first entering the fray, dOP will be returning to many of the clubs they share a long-lasting history with, curating their own custom line-ups for a series of special events.

Whether they are under the spotlight or waiting in the wings, shifting the scenery or conducting the chorus, the dOP performance is a play that never ends, every act leaving you anticipating the next.

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