Paris, FR

For a long time Ezéchiel Pailhès remained a prophet in his country and worked on creating what became his first solo album, waiting for the right moment when he could no longer contain all it’s melodies. A voyage in a free world, where creation knows no formal constraints, where everything mutates according to the determined inspiration of the moment.

In 2003 Ezéchiel and Nicolas Sfintescu formed the electronic duo Nôze. They composed five Albums and played in all major clubs around the world. He has always been fascinated by film score. In 2009 he co-composed with David Lafore the soundtrack of Bancs publics by Bruno Podalydès. After two first albums critically acclaimed in 2013 (Divine) and 2017 (Tout va bien), he is taking a new direction. 

On his third album, Ezéchiel Pailhès is exploring, through piano and synths, the encounter between poetry and song. In this new work he has set to music verses by William Shakespeare, Victor Hugo, Pablo Neruda and on three songs, those of the poet Marceline Desbordes-Valmore, a pioneer of romanticism who notably influenced Verlaine and Baudelaire.

With Oh !, Ezéchiel Pailhès has become more of a singer than ever before, through seven songs and four instrumental compositions, with intimate and warm modulations, carried by hypnotic piano melodies, instruments with unusual timbre and a subtle electronic production that recalls his past productions with his former duo Nôze.

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