Paris, France

Sometimes the boundaries of the dancefloor are not enough to contain true musical spirit. So it is for the trio of artists that make up French house swashbucklers dOP. Compared to many of their contemporaries in electronic music, childhood friends Clement, Damien and Jonathan are accomplished musicians whose sonic spirit has always breathed and flexed with the skills they have built over time.

Now Damien’s horns, Clements drums and Jaw’s voice are turning to a new venture where their bodies shall follow, under the banner of Les Fils Du Calvaire. Without the command of a relentless kick drum to obey, they are free to craft bittersweet nuggets of pop music; vignettes sung in French that celebrate the roots of their art with passion and flair, played live on instruments powered only by brain, muscle and imagination.

At times cute and at other times creepy, sometimes folky, occasionally synthy, but always organic, the songs they have already written share the same mystique that makes their dancefloor music so alluring. Only now, you can enjoy that same unique quality away from the blur and sweat of the club and connect with it in a wholly different way.

To herald the beginning of this project of discovery, Les Fils will be playing a ten-date tour around Germany, with Clement, Damien and Jaw joined by an additional guitarist and drummer to fully realise the vision of their band.

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