schneider aera

Berlin, Germany

Like many House Music artists of his generation, Hamburg’s groundbreaking DJ and producer Marc Schneider came to electronic music under the influence of the Hip-Hop scene of the late 80’s & early 90’s, looking up to artists like Public Enemy, Schooly D and Boogie Down Productions.

His first introduction to House and Techno came in 1991 with his first visits to places that have made history in the House music scene, like club Front, Unit or the Opera House. Marc instantly caught the bug for electronic music, absorbed its sound to make it his own and rapidly got involved actively in the scene when he started dj’ing one year later. His skills are quickly known and rewarded and Marc secures his first major gigs all over Germany’s electronic music hotpots. From 1994 on, he’s spinning at major venues around the globe, holding it down at the Love Parade and burning up the dancefloor at legendary clubs like Panoramabar (Berlin), Bunker (New York), Robert Johnson (Frankfurt) or Unit (Tokyo).

Marc Schneider never lost the grassroots approach of the movement he originally knew and loved, and eventually got involved in th eorganisation of major events like Link, Pure Energy, Cubic Club and later the inventive Planeten und Blumen club. At the same time Marc was keeping a regular residency at Hamburg’s famous Golden Pudel club.

He also helped other DJs and fans getting the platters that matter by joining Container distribution (the first company bringing house wax to Germany) in 1996.

A few years later, Marc goes on to create his own distribution company along with new partners, which results in the now unavoidable electronic music distribution company ‘Word And Sound’ and it’s digital sales antennae ‘What People Play’.
Marc is also a music producer, with a few 12? vinyls and remixes in his backpack, and the discrete manager of the rare and acclaimed label ‘Story’.
His next ep should be out before the summer on one of France’s most distinguished House music labels Circus Company.

Marc Schneider has been at the center of the hurricane for such a long time that his record collection does not lack one major or groundbreaking release and contains a vast number pf pearls unknown to most contemporary dj’s. This rich musical knowledge burried in his record case emerges in each and every dj set Marc Schneider puts down, taking the crowd with him on an always different journey, putting out a tastefull and always surprising mix of all things house and techno.

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