Montreal, Canada

Informed by a decade of classical training and electronic-music culture, Montrealer Mossa has produced two albums and over a dozen singles worth of quirky, propulsive sample-heavy house that draws influence from jazz, funk, latin, electro and beyond. Mossa has ventures into producing , combining his many styles to create a body of work rhythmically solid and subjective, which is at times minimalist, amusing, and rarely symmetrical. Using an assortment of plastic and static sounds collected here and there, he arranges an eclectic bouquet of rhythm and kick.

He released on labels like Cynosure, Mo’s Ferry, Mutek, Frankie, Floppy Funk, MorrisAudio or Orac and his tracks have been checked and mixed by artists as diverse as Death in Vegas, Deetron or Akufen, and have been remixed by John Tejada, Mike Shannon, Ark, and Cabanne, to name a few. He also played alongside artists such as Carl Craig, Jesse Rose, Mathew Jonson, Jacob London and many others. At the 2010 edition of Mutek, Mossa unleashed new material from his latest album, « Festine », which boasts contributions from Mike Shannon, Dave Aju, Pezzner, Qzen and Mathias Kaden.

With his record label Complot Records, Mossa is also dedicated to releasing, along with fellow artists, an uncompromising style in house music and minimal techno, bringing an air of freshness to the Montreal scene.

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