Artwork : Artwork by République Studio
Mastering : Matt Colton @ Metropolis Studios, London
Released on : 05.11.2021
Format : 12'' + Digital

We are elated to invite the multi-talented and multi-national musical mastermind Portable in to the Circus family finally. After many years of traveling in similar scenes and orbits, and thoroughly enjoying his vast output on some of our favorite and best friends’ labels, the time has come to join forces with our now-fellow Parisian dweller.

The My Event Horizon EP is a truly creative treat, chock full of the charm and studio ingenuity that permeates all of his work, and a first look at what’s to come on his full length LP we have in store for you in the coming months as well. Three versions of the lead track “I Feel Stronger Now” are accompanied by an exclusive club cut, just in time for the world’s hopeful dance floor reopenings.

“I Feel Stronger Now” is one of those perfectly balanced tracks that is equal parts soft and edgy, mellow and exciting, and features a rich mix of sharp percussion, warm jazz-inflected piano motifs and Portable’s own inimitable dulcet-toned vocals, making it a sure-shot fit with the label’s modus operandi. The A2 track “My Art Sets Me Free” as the title may suggest, is a more abstract and artistic take on full-scale DSP dance floor equipment – we can already imagine hearing this on some of our most cherished club systems, head-down, fully immersed. Next up “I Feel Stronger Now” gets a fresh facelift treatment from Portable’s own and equally-notorious alter ego Bodycode, which follows suit to the pseudonym’s production quality, giving the avant-garde bounce of the original version a more syncopated and stripped-back feel, imparting a stronger physical sound bed with tasteful synth layering for the vocal Iines to ride over. And as a digital bonus addition to the package we have the Radio Edit of “I Feel Stronger Now” which is nicely tightened in all the right places to drive the point home for broadcast listeners, and further proof that this man’s music can be fully enjoyed in many settings – a big loving welcome to Mr. Portable!

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