Montreal, Canada

After studies in electroacoustics, Latin and classical percussion, Guillaume Coutu Dumont established himself as fixture of Montréal’s leftfield microhouse and techno scene—with Artificiel’s Julien Roy as EGG and in Chic Miniature with Ernesto Ferreyra, in the early days. A move to Paris first then Berlin in 2007 hatched solo project Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts, a propulsive fusion of house, jazz, gospel, techno, and Afrobeat.

More collaborations followed, such as ambient venture Museum and percussive five- piece Guillaume & The Side Effects.

Back in Montréal a decade later, he formed Flabbergast with Vincent Lemieux and released an EP under the moniker Vieux Renard. He currently works on his latest project Auflassen, a trio of live drums, keyboards and electronics.

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